My real inspiration comes from the natural world, a lifelong passion, and my preferred subjects are wildlife and landscapes. A Zoology degree gave me plenty of experience in biological drawing, and also an appreciation of detail, form and function.

Buildings and townscapes also appeal to me, especially when the buildings have mellowed and blended into their environment. An old building with improbable angles of window and roof poses a wonderful architectural challenge.

Watercolour is my favourite medium - I love its delicacy and spontaneity, I find it lends itself well to atmospheric landscapes and to buildings and detailed animal studies. Landscapes, I think, are best painted on-the-spot, taking in the colour and feel of the moment; for animal studies I do use photographs, sometimes also sketches, but I really want to watch the animal, see how it moves and behaves, almost get under its skin, so as to bring it to life.

Recently I have also been working in pastel, another lovely medium. Different in technique and effect to watercolour, bringing its own challenges, but really rewarding.

Occasionally I branch out into something completely different. Most of my subject matter is strictly representational, but whatever the subject, I always try to capture the essence and 'spirit'.

I'm a member of Derby Sketching Club and Amber Art group in Duffield, Derbyshire; chair of my local art group, Allestree Art, and was until recently a committee member for Derbyshire Open Arts. I've shown work at numerous exhibitions and craft events at venues across Derbyshire and beyond, including Cromford Mill, Kedleston Hall, Ilam Visitor Centre, Ticknall, and Sharpe's Pottery Museum.

I've contributed illustrations to some local wildlife groups' publications, and am happy to take commissions - pets, whether they be cats or dogs, rabbits, stick insects, horses ..... or houses!

I can give watercolour workshops to small groups, or one-to-one, usually on an animal theme, but sometimes on buildings or landscapes if preferred.